Hello, I am Ujjvalsinh Bihola!

As a dedicated DevOps engineer, I bring a strong foundation in cloud technologies, containerization, and automation to the table. My passion lies in delivering efficient solutions that optimize infrastructure for seamless application deployment, scaling, and monitoring.

My expertise extends across a spectrum of cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. I'm well-versed in containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes, and I have hands-on experience in virtualization with VMware vSphere and ESXi. I specialize in developing robust CI/CD pipelines and excel in configuration management using Ansible and Terraform. Monitoring system performance is my forte, leveraging tools like Datadog and Grafana to ensure optimal operations.

My versatile skill set also encompasses web servers, databases, and various scripting languages, making me well-prepared to tackle diverse challenges.

Throughout my career, I've led cloud service design and configuration, automated continuous monitoring, and orchestrated AWS infrastructures to achieve improved efficiency and performance. I'm equally passionate about mentoring and inspiring tech enthusiasts, reinforcing my commitment to nurturing talent.

I'm eager to collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of cloud and automation technologies. Let's connect and explore exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of DevOps.

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