About Me

Name: Ujjvalsinh Bihola
Date of Birth: October 30. 1996
Gender: Male
Lives In: Ahmedabad, India
Mobile: +91-9558849897
Email: Iam@ujjvalbihola.com
Website: UjjvalBihola.com


My name is Ujjvalsinh Rajendrasinh Bihola. I belong to Bihola clan of Solanki Rajputs. I have completed my diploma in Information Technology from R.C Technical Institute, Ahmedabad.  I am working as free lancer, I can almost write HTML and CSS code in a plain text editor without referencing any documentation. Technology attracts me and I fly my geek flag proudly.

Basic Skills


85 Complete


80 Complete


85 Complete


90 Complete

Education Qualification

 Currently Studying bachelor of engineering  in Information Technology from L.D. College Of Engineering.

 Diploma  in Information Technology (2017) with 9.2 CGPA from Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

 H.S.C Science (2014) with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (2014)  with 81 percentile theory marks.

 S.S.C (2012)  with 92.00 % (99.51 percentile ) marks


Technical Skills

Web Tech. HTML5, CSS3,  JavaScript
Operating Systems Windows , Linux
Framework WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery
Languages C,  C++, PHP, ASP. NET, Java, Android(Native)
Databases SQL, MS Access
Graphics Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


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